Thursday, August 20, 2009

Multimedia Software

From now on, I'm going to update more about video editing, audio editing and photo or graphic editing on Linux. Some of these software can also be used in Windows. Of course, these software are open source.

The main software that you will need to download would be:

Audacity Logo

1. Audacity - A simple audio editor. Now with this tool, you can cut your mp3 and create a special ring tone for yourself that no one else would have. You can record, fade in, fade out, increase or decrease the amplitude of the sound and more. Check it out (Linux, Windows and OS X versions available).

Gimp Logo

2. Gimp - Graphic and photo editor. It's easy to use, looks complicated in thebeginning, but once you get used to it, you wouldn't look back. You can even create your comic with this tool (Linux, Windows and OS X versions available).

Cinelerra Logo

3. Cinelerra - a video editor and compositor for Linux. Again, it looks complicated and you will need to learn how to use it. Every beginning is difficult, but it's worth to learn. Of course you can't compare it to Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects, Apple's Final Cut Pro / Express. It is not as simple as Windows Movie Maker or Apple's iMovie but it sure has a lot more things that it can do.


4. Kino - a non-linear DV editor. Usually we use this software to capture video to hard disk from DV tapes and to cut the captured video and to convert it to available codecs on Linux.

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