Thursday, July 2, 2009

Elinks - A Text Based Web Browser

I know, your 1st question would be,"Why do I need a text web browser?" The answer is simple, it's for reading text and it's faster to load(well, images take a long time to load). It might be a little boring, but imagine if you're doing a project where it involves words, words, and more words. Your eyes get hurt with all those bright and colourful words and all you need is text, not picture or when you're studying something by browsing online. It's is useful at those times.

Elinks uses terminal so for those who can't stand that standard white background or black background could configure the looks of your terminal. Like what I did to mine. Ubuntu comes with gnome-terminal (the default terminal), that can be set to change the background. Change it in Edit-->Profile Preferences-->Background.

Here is a screenshot of Elinks on my computer, by the way Elinks is a command line based(cli) application.

They have many shortcuts, try to learn them as they can make browsing fast, remember to read the tips which are at the bottom of the terminal and press ESC to go to the menu.

To install on Ubuntu, go to System-->Administration-->Synaptic Package Manager and search for Elinks. There is another version which supports images as well which is called Links 2.

For more information of the software, click here.

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  1. Hey I love your background image of terminal. Can you post a link of the image over here?