Saturday, June 13, 2009

Install Windows from Pendrive

This was something I did for my friend who was desperate and came to me for help when his hard disk failed(bad sectors) and needed to reinstall it but guess what, his recovery got deleted (the starter file) by viruses or trojans (I'm not sure of this), his dvd-rom doensn't work and his bios doesn't support usb dvd-rom but it supports usb hdd surprisingly.

*Ubuntu Live CD or Ubuntu installed on the computer (provided you've installed gparted (System-->Administration-->Partition Editor)
*A usb pendrive (enough space to copy windows installer to it)
*Windows Original CD (I tried it with XP, Vista & Windows 7)

1. Insert the pendrive and make sure there's enough space for Windows installer (the whole cd or dvd size)
2. Copy everything from the CD/DVD of Original Windows and paste it into the pendrive.
3. Open partition editor (System-->Administration-->Partition Editor)
4. Choose to view the partition of your pendrive (on the top right of the windows manager of the software.
5. Right click on the partition where you copied the Windows installer t --> Manage flags --> Check boot --> Ok
6. Remove the pendrive and set the BIOS on the computer that you want to install Windows to boot USB hdd as the first choice(you can change this later).

Ubuntu helps even installing great is that? Compared to the many tutorial on Google, I'm sure this is one of the simplest and fastest way of creating a USB Windows Installer (especially if you have Ubuntu Live CD, or Get one now.

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