Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ubuntu for Hospitals

Being a Medical Student has taught me that Hospitals especially those Government ones that have limited resources could use Ubuntu to save their money. While I was doing my practical in a computer-based Hospital (the paperwork) last year it has made me realize that Hospitals spend so much on the IT department(creating the software, laptops, server, wireless routers & paying for Microsoft Windows). I'm not saying that Windows is bad. In fact, Microsoft is easier than Linux. Linux isn't that hard as well. It needs just a little tweaking & you're save from viruses & spyware.
Hospitals being paperless will definitely save many trees, space & time but doing that with Ubuntu installed would be much better as it will save money, and that money could be used for other developments or equipments.

So here's the plan, feel free use it and distribute it.
1. Install Ubuntu or Xubuntu (depending on the computer's hardware)
2. Configure it by removing unwanted software & needed software.
*Music Player
*Video Player
*Hospital Software
*Medical Software
*LAMP(for the server)
*Firefox or any lightweight browser
3. Instead of the hospital software as mentioned above, you could pay someone to build a webpage with multi-user login(doctors, nurses, administration), with the functions that you would want so it wouldn't stress the hardware(if the software is bombastic).mSo all the doctors, nurses or administration has to do is open the browser --> login --> patient--> information.


1. Paperless
2. Fast, the results are uploaded on the server as soon as they get them.
3. No virus attacks
4. Cheap
5. User friendly
6. Hi-tech

If I own a hospital. I'm definitely doing this.

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