Monday, March 9, 2009

Ubuntu Live USB

Downloaded Ubuntu iso? Don't have a CD and you don't want to waste that precious DVD? Well, use your USB pen drive. Better of all, use an old 1GB pen drive and promote Ubuntu to your friends and keep as your rescue pen drive.
Follow the following tutorial:

1. Unetbootin
First of all, format your pen drive into FAT32 (usually most of them are formatted into FAT32.)
Partition them if you have a bigger size of pen drive or you don't have to as it will not overwrite your files so you could always place your files in a folder such as My Doc.

Unetbootin output

So if you want to delete your iso on pen drive delete the rest of the files except My Doc. Download Unetbootin from the official website. [It is available for Windows, Linux (source), Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE & Gentoo.]
Then, choose Diskimage and search for the location of your Ubuntu iso.
Choose the drive that you will want to install and click ok.

Unetbootin process

And reboot with your pendrive plugged in.

*Make sure your bios is set to boot from USB
*It can be also used to create other Linux Live USB.

2. uSbuntu Live Creator

This is a cool USB Live Creator for Windows. Not only does this software boots like a live USB but it can also launch Ubuntu directly on Windows without configuration and installation using VirtualBox. Still wondering? Try it... It's easy and user friendly.

Download now here.

*Make sure your bios is set to boot from USB

3. Ubuntu Live CD
Using Ubuntu 8.10 Live CD you can create USB Live CD. Usually I'll use an empty CD-rw and burn the latest Ubuntu iso on it. Then boot Ubuntu Live CD and use the option to make Ubuntu Live USB from System administration menu.
Create USB Startup disk Create  USB Ubuntu

4. Cd2usb


"cd2usb by" a window software which is programmed to turn Ubuntu 8.10 from a Live CD or iso to Ubuntu USB Live.
To use this software is so easy, Download --> Extract --> Plug In Flash Drive--> Run cd2usb.bat --> Follow the instructions --> Poof your Ubuntu Live USB is done

Download it here.

*Windows PC (tested on XP and Vista)
*Flash drive with at least 800 MB of free space
*Flash drive must be in a FAT / FAT32 file system
*Ubuntu CD / Ubuntu ISO

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