Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu?

Kubuntu Splash Kubuntu Desktop

Kubuntu (KDE)
If you have a better hardware such as 2GB RAM and a 2GHz of processor or Dual Core processor, then go on with it. It has better graphics and looks more like Vista with that additional bar on the right.
The application software are good looking and easy to use. Overall it has good performances and good looks. You can install Compiz and have additional graphics performance such as snow, rain, 3d cube, fire and more.
You can customize how your desktop looks which can never be found on other operating system except Linux and BSD.

Ubuntu Desktop 1 Ubuntu Desktop 2

At least have more than 512MB Ram (I know it supports 256MB Ram but it's better if you use 512 if you want a smooth performance). It is the most stable and has large community support. If you can live with a little less graphic abilities and prefer stability, Ubuntu will be your favourite.
Applications are user friendly and you can always install KDE applications on your desktop. It might not look so good but it works well.

Xubuntu Desktop

Xubuntu (XFCE)
It is the fastest and lightest OS compared to the other 2. It is advisable to install Xubuntu on old computers such as Pentium III with at least 128MB Ram. You still can install it on old computers with text installations (Live CD works with at least 192MB Ram) but it might not give a smooth performance. In that case try other lighter Linux available on the internet such as Crunchybang Linux, Vector Linux and others. Xubuntu is fast but not good looking at all unless if you install Compiz and use Emerald Theme Manager (not on old computers). Applications are fine except LAN Manager. Thunar (File Manager) doesn't come with a LAN Manager unlike Konqueror(Kubuntu) and Nautilus(Ubuntu) so you'll have to install an additional software and configuring might be necessary for certain software.

*None of the above videos are done by me. Thanks to the owners who shared it on YouTube.

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