Sunday, October 11, 2009

Games on Ubuntu the easy way

I'm sure why Ubuntu or Linux was never good enough for gamers is because you can't play games that your friends are playing. There are few options you could choose from:
Subscribe to Cedega for a certain amount of fees(6 months - 25usd, 12 months - 45 usd) and install it on Linux. You could check out the games database.

It is a frontend of Wine to run windows software on Linux. They have many choices to install PC games. All you need is original CD or DVD of the games, install it following the instructions and you can play it. You could try to install games that aren't in the list as well but it may or may not work, trial and error basis.

Open Source games one-click install(provided you follow the 1st few steps)
You can filter the games by genre and click install this now below the game chosen.


Best alternative. =)

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